Our SHERPA Breath & Cold Master Trainer team is a remarkably unique leadership crew that supports your growth along this path. We offer the pinnacle of experiential programming with a kind, approachable style that provides world-class education and experience in the breathwork, cold exposure, and health optimization space. 

Each of us works full-time in this arena, tirelessly continuing our own education, and striving to provide peak experiences for every program attendee. We champion workshops, pro athlete training, corporate events, curated programs, conference speaking gigs, consulting and instructor certification programs as our peak expression. Our collective certifications, hours of guiding clients, space-holding experience, exploration of health practices and soulful connection to this work are all dedicated to reflecting how much capacity you hold to achieve your dreams.

 Together we go far! 

Our Master Trainer Team

Level 2 Instructors

Austin Stanton | Austin, TX

Kelly Morgan | Austin, TX

Kristin Weitzel

Founder & Fearless Leader

Kristin is a health and high-performance maven, nutrition specialist, certified fitness trainer, and leader in the global breathwork and cold exposure space. Her trademark wit, wisdom, and female biohacking expertise are shared on international stages as well as in her 'Warrior Woman' programs that guide others through potent transformational experiences.

Her continued curiosity and desire to learn form the best mentors on the planet - proliferates her vast skillset and knowledge that she has curated into this work to celebrate and build resiliency with a wider audience.

Kristin also hosts the WELLPOWER Podcast which blends biohacking and wellness subject matter expertise, inspiring guests, and practical application of tools to lead clients and listeners alike. As a progressive voice, dynamic leader, and comfort zone crusher, she questions how far the human body can go, and helps others realize their capacity for greatness.

Favorite plunge attire: orange, sporty bikini at sunset in a frozen lake

Favorite breathwork track artist: Trevor Hall

IG: @biohacking.breath.cold

Gillian Simpson 

Master Trainer, Ontario Canada

Gillian was introduced to deliberate cold exposure after her third baby was born.  When her daughter turned 3 months old, she attempted her first ice bath, and was immedaitely hooked! Not only was it the most invigorating and empowering feeling she had ever felt, it took her right out of her funk; postpartum depression and hormonal dysfunction. 

A rockstar firefighter in her earlier career, Gillian knew how to lean back into becoming a role model for females in this new space. As she recognized the power of the ice bath, she made it her passion, career and life focus to share breathwork and cold therapy with others. 

Becoming one of the first Canadian SHERPA Breath & Cold Instructors in 2022, Gillian took her training to the next level and opened Canada's first Guided Breathwork and Ice Bath Studio - ‚ÄėFor The Love Of Ice‚Äô.¬† Less than a year later, Gillian was invited to train into the¬†SHERPA Master Trainer she is today. As she undertook the¬†rigorous work to ready herself for training other instructors, she deeply understood that she's landed exactly where she is supposed to be -¬† rocking her business in Ontario, staying sweetly in Mom life, and sharing the magic of this program with a larger global community.

Favorite plunge attire: A bold one piece 

Favorite breathwork music artist: Halluci Nation

IG: @for_the_love_of_icebaths

Jeremiah Davidson, LMSW

Master Trainer, USA

Jeremiah is Colorado raised with southern roots, a true lover of country mountain life. When he’s not on a yoga mat, he’s probably nestled under a ponderosa pine or singing songs around a campfire. 

Jeremiah’s early years were filled with a wondrous spirit of adventure; he has lived across a few different countries in a handful of urban settings and rural countryside. Amidst his travels, he managed to complete an undergraduate program at the University of Washington and received a masters in social work from New York University.

Jeremiah’s first ICE experience was during a plant medicine retreat in California.  While completely shocked with both intensity and wonder, Jeremiah felt an inner calling to work with ICE.  He leads group and individual focused offerings across the Denver metro area.  Jeremiah loves the energy created during team sessions and the vulnerability of individual practices.  Merging science and spiritually, Jeremiah speaks often to the human historical use of breath and sacred water for healing.   

Favorite plunge attire: Vuori Shorts

Favorite breathwork music artist: Mardeleva

IG: jeremiah_myst_davidson

Kim Lloyd

Athlete Program Master Trainer, USA

Kim Lloyd is like a Swiss Army knife! With a decade of molding champions at Denison University, she’s helped earn four NCAA Division III national championships. Outside of coaching, she holds a Doctorate in Naprapathy, specializing in connective tissue disorders and biomechanics. Kim is thrilled to teach breathwork and cold exposure to teams everywhere, turning ordinary folks into unstoppable athletes. Basically, she's like a superhero for your health, empowering people to find their inner strength and achieve greatness.
Favorite ice bath attire - any blue two piece suit preferably underwater

Favorite Breathwork music: The Bridgerton Album


Favorite plunge attire: any blue two piece suit preferably underwater

Favorite breathwork music artist: The Bridgerton Album

IG: @kimlloyd72

Lina Midla

Master Trainer, USA

Community Manager

Lina Midla is a mom of 2, a die-hard coffee lover, and a highly certified functional fitness coach who has spent the last 15 years studying, sharing, teaching, and coaching strength and wellness modalities to her incredible client base. She is thrilled to add the power of breath and cold exposure to her arsenal and she’s even more excited to be teaching these life-changing tools to practitioners and coaches across the nation! 

Whatever your goals, Lina is on a mission to ensure that you have the resources you need to apply the ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ stresses to the body & mind so that you can become LIMITLESS in your pursuit of all life has to offer!

Favorite plunge attire: A Sporty, High-Waisted, Brightly Colored, 2 Piece!

Favorite breathwork music artist: Beautiful Chorus

IG: @limitlesswithlina


Nik Zahajsky

Master Trainer, USA

Professional Chef, Master Breathwork Instructor Gypsie by nature

Nikolas is a multifaceted individual, blending his passion of Culinary Alchemy, Breathwork and Spiritual heart centered approach into personal and group instruction.

As a Culinary Alchemist, Nikolas's personal journey has taken him to some of the most unique kitchens and locations around the globe. He has mastered many arts within the culinary realm but his heart lies within the process of elevating the spiritual component of cuisine. Nikolas leads with his heart - it's ALL about vibration. Communion is a sacred practice and has the ability to transform our health.

In everything he does, Nikolas strives to exemplify the values of integrity, creativity, resilience and compassion. Whether alchemising in the fire, coaching, teaching or holding space for someone in need, he continues to inspire others to forgive, live authentically, and leave more than he or she consumes!

Favorite plunge attire: Whatever is closest or clean :)

Favorite breathwork music artist: I mix it up with whatever calls in the moment

IG: @revelandbreathe 

Austin Stanton

Location: Austin, Texas

About: Austin in Austin! From northwest to the south, Austin studied Bioengineering and loves to play competitive soccer. He works with his fiancé, Parul, and kitty, Keanu to hold space during sessions and enthusiastically guides people through the cold.

Email:¬†[email protected]

IG: @austinbretstanton

Carrie Bacon

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

About: Carrie misplaced her love of cold living in the frozen north and found it again in the Caribbean. She lives at the intersection of Chinese Medicine and Intentional Cold Exposure; all seasons are our qi and ICE brings us back to winter.

Contact: [email protected]

IG: @carrie_bacon

Jenny Hargreaves

Location: Thornbury, Ontario

About: Jenny is a SHERPA L2 and Language of Breath certified breathworker and cold plunge instructor. Specializing in guiding individuals towards holistic wellness, she empowers clients to rediscover their breath as a pathway to enhanced health, well-being, and authenticity through personalized and group learning journeys.

Contact: [email protected]¬† ¬†

IG: @hargreaves_jenny

Kelly Morgan

Location: Austin, Texas

About: Kelly Morgan is a trauma-informed ice bath facilitator and Nervous System Integration Coach. Co-Founder of Big Wave Industries, with fellow SHERPA Breath & Cold instructor Kai Stransky, their nervous system focused approach creates an integrated experience utilizing ice, breath and sauna


IG: @spiritualsugarmomma

Laura Young

Location: Danbury, CT


Email:¬†[email protected]

IG: @revlaurayoung

Olivia Vandever

Location: West Grey, Ontario

About: Empowering her community to unleash their inner power, Olivia helps her clients become the best true version of themselves and bring intention to everything they do on a daily basis. We can find peace within doing the hard things!     

Contact:¬† [email protected]

IG: @livy_vandever

Parul Mahajan

Location: Austin, TX

About: Parul is a first-generation Indian-American with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. She uses art, breath, & cold to help people break out of unhealthy generational parenting habits. She loves to host sessions with her fiancé, Austin, and kitty, Keanu.  

Contact: [email protected]

IG: @chaiwithparul

Renate Rain

Location: Lakewood, WA


Email: [email protected]

IG: @cold_confidence

Tyler Madigan

Location: Calgary & Okotoks, Alberta

About: Tyler is a dedicated dad, grandpa, husband, leader, Professional Engineer, Executive, fitness fanatic, Stoic and breathwork & ICE practitioner. Tyler has experienced the profound benefits of breathwork & ICE and is passionate about sharing his experiences, unique perspectives, and coaching techniques to empower others on their personal hero's journey. 

Email:¬†[email protected]¬†¬†¬†

IG: @mountain_ghost_tyler